Kananaskis Country Trip Report


I recently posted a photo essay of my 3-day backpacking trip in Alberta’s Kananaskis Country. But I wanted to do up a trip report with a few more details in case anyone is interested in more practical information about my time there.

In total, I spent four nights in Kananaskis Country. One night was spent car camping and the other three in the backcountry. Below, you’ll find information about where I stayed, the route I hiked, and how you can do this trip yourself!  Continue reading “Kananaskis Country Trip Report”

Kananaskis Country Backpacking: Photo Essay


I recently spent three days in Alberta’s Kananaskis Country on my first solo backpacking adventure. It was a pretty amazing experience. I’ll be writing more about the trip, what it was like to hike solo, and on more practical stuff (like what to pack) in the future. For now, you can see what my days were like through some of my favourite pictures…  Continue reading “Kananaskis Country Backpacking: Photo Essay”

And I Was Worried About the Grizzlies…


I carefully picked my way down the steep side trail and stepped over a mound of rotting driftwood. I stumbled down onto the rocky beach and dropped my pack. My feet and shoulders ached. After 3 days and 22 kilometers in the Alberta backcountry, I had about 4 km left until I would reach my car. I was tired. I could feel the blisters getting bigger by the second and I just wanted a good long rest.  Continue reading “And I Was Worried About the Grizzlies…”

Stomach of Steel: 8 Weird Things My Dog Has Eaten


As regular readers of this blog know, Juno is a funny dog. She’s big and loud and rather destructive at times. If she has the opportunity to get into something, she takes it. Most of the things I’ve witnessed her eat are normal for a dog. Grass. “People” food off counters and out of cupboards. Garbage. But there’s a growing list of things she’s eaten that either make me shake my head or worry for her safety. She’s (somehow) never gotten sick which is nothing short of a miracle.  Continue reading “Stomach of Steel: 8 Weird Things My Dog Has Eaten”

A Beginner’s Guide to: International Travel


Do you dream of waking up in a foreign country but don’t know how to get there? Do you peruse Pinterest pages and Instagram feeds of world travelers but don’t know where to start? I was there once too. I didn’t travel internationally until my 20s and really had no clue how to plan a trip outside of Canada. There are a lot of things to think about. In this guide, I’ve broken down the steps to planning a trip into more manageable and less scary pieces.  Continue reading “A Beginner’s Guide to: International Travel”

Dumb Tourist Moment #47 – That Time I Tried to Break the Law in Italy


In 2010 I spent nearly 3 months traveling around Europe, which provided plenty of opportunity for dumb tourist moments to occur. But when I think about that summer, the one that really stands out is the time we were in Cinque Terre, a chain of five small villages perched on the cliffside of the Italian Riviera.  Continue reading “Dumb Tourist Moment #47 – That Time I Tried to Break the Law in Italy”

What I Ate in Mexico


People give me a hard time about taking pictures of my food but I have to say, looking back over photos like this always brings up the clearest memories for me. Years after a trip I often won’t remember much looking at pictures of city streets or landmarks. But the pictures of food instantly transport me back to the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the places I’ve been. It’s just how my brain works.  Continue reading “What I Ate in Mexico”

Day Trip from Playa del Carmen – The Ruins of Tulum


Playa del Carmen is close to a number of different Mayan ruins and we knew we wanted to go and see at least one of the sites during our time there. Chichen Itza is one of the New Seven Wonders and a UNESCO world heritage site, while Coba is known for its more “off the beaten path” feel and the fact that you can still climb the pyramid. But we settled on Tulum, the only site situated on the coast and one of the last Mayan cities to be built.  Continue reading “Day Trip from Playa del Carmen – The Ruins of Tulum”

Day Trip from Playa del Carmen – Swimming in Cenote Cristalino


In preparation for my trip to Mexico I read about cenotes (pronounced say-no-tays) and knew I had to check one out while in Playa del Carmen. There are literally thousands of them in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and many are easily accessible as a day trip. Continue reading “Day Trip from Playa del Carmen – Swimming in Cenote Cristalino”