The Year Ahead


Happy New Year!

Such a common phrase, which seems to be all the more significant this year.

The general feeling of the internet, at least the corners I frequent, is that people couldn’t wait to bid good riddance to 2016 and welcome in a new year.

It’s no wonder. At a global level 2016 was a baby deer on ice, struggling to get up only to come crashing back down. Conflict and violence went from bad to worse. Brexit. The American election. The death of basically every musician/actor/icon. It seemed as if, no matter who you are and what your interests, something significant went wrong this year.

This left many with feelings of uncertainty and instability, reflected in Merriam-Webster, Oxford and’s words of the year – surreal, post-truth and xenophobia. I’ve also seen the year described with words like “dumpster-fire” and “clusterf**k.” Really uplifting stuff.

It wasn’t all bad though. At least for me, on a personal level, 2016 brought some great experiences. Topping the list would be buying our cabin in northern Manitoba, hiking the Chilkoot Trail, and most recently, finishing my university degree.

I’ve also managed to keep a poinsettia alive for a whole three weeks, despite the usual touch-of-death effect I have on house plants. So, there’s that.

See? I have proof.

That said, I’m also looking forward to the new year and the possibilities it holds. Having just completed my degree, I truly feel as if I’m at a turning point. I have no idea what direction my life will go from here, which is both exciting and a little panic-inducing. Regardless, 2017 will undoubtedly hold some defining moments, for better or worse, and I’m looking forward to finding out what they are.

There’s just something about the changing of a calendar that inspires hope in people. Faith that THIS year is going to be the one. The year that they’re finally able to achieve that long-sought-after goal. The year that they finally “figure it all out.” The year that the world doesn’t generally suck.

This is despite the fact that, deep down, we all know that 2017 is going to serve up its own shit-sandwiches, whether we like it or not.

But, there’s something to be said about the moment of faith and hope a new year brings. No matter how brief it may be.

So, here’s to new beginnings and hoping that in 2017 the good stuff is a bit better, and the bad stuff is a little less horrible.

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