Lake Trip Roundup


We recently took our first trip to the cabin this summer. The six-day trip was mostly a working holiday as we had a couple of projects to get done. 

We started by emptying out and moving a shed and rebuilding a larger shed in its place. Then we dismantled our rotting wood deck which we are replacing with a stone patio. This whole process involved collecting rocks, rocks, and more rocks. We also had to build up some sort of retaining wall on the uphill side of the patio. Mark decided it would be a good idea to move giant boulders from the very top of the hill aaallllllll the way down to the shoreline. We managed to get it done but I’m pretty sure we violated a few safety regulations in the process. We still have more work to do but I’m happy with the progress we made in only a few days.

Here are a few stats from this expedition, to give you an idea of what a typical trip for us involves:

Kilometers driven – 1134

Pit stops made – 9 (the three of us really need to coordinate our bathroom breaks better)

Number of times we had to pull over because we were losing stuff off the trailer – 1 (this has got to be a record, it’s usually more like 3!)

Trips to town for stuff we really should have gotten the first time – 3

Puzzles done – 1.5

Number of coolers Juno broke into while alone in the cabin – 1 (it was a successful heist, she got 8 hotdogs and an entire package of pepperoni sticks)

Number of times I walked all the way to the outhouse while forgetting to take a restock of toilet paper – 4

Number of ant bites Juno had on her belly – 1 million (because she will stand in an anthill literally being eaten alive if there is a squirrel in that particular tree)

Fish caught – 0

Number of injuries – I lost count (between the three of us there were fingers squished, toes stubbed, cuts, and bruises. Juno broke another toenail when she somehow managed to put her foot through an impossibly small gap in the dock. Thankfully, this one won’t require antibiotics or foot soaks.)

Number of pages read in the book I was bound and determined to finish on this trip – 12 (I didn’t get it finished)


As you can see, our days are mostly a series of mishaps and unplanned adventures but we still love it. We can’t wait to get back up there for more cabin time this summer! Scroll down to see a few pictures from the trip.


Shed – before

Shed – after

Deck – before

Beginnings of our stone patio

The calm after the storm

Most likely taken on one of my treks to the outhouse sans T.P.

Mark not catching any fish

Taking a moment to explore one of the many small islands around the lake

Juno pretending she hates having her picture taken

Beautiful calm evening

Probably stressing out that we’re going to put her in that boat

Spring flowers in bloom

Juno taking a dip on one of our pit stops on the way home. Because who doesn’t love wet-dog smell on a six hour drive?!


A few stats about our latest trip to the lake.



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