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The Best (and Worst) of 2017

I’ve been spending the last few days looking back on 2017 – thinking about what worked, what didn’t, and what I would change in the future. It’s been fun to flip through photos and re-read some of my posts. It was a year filled with unknowns (something I tend to struggle with), but turned out to be one of the best yet. I thought I’d share some of my favourite moments and, to keep it real, some of my not-so-favourite moments.

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Stomach of Steel: 8 Weird Things My Dog Has Eaten


As regular readers of this blog know, Juno is a funny dog. She’s big and loud and rather destructive at times. If she has the opportunity to get into something, she takes it. Most of the things I’ve witnessed her eat are normal for a dog. Grass. “People” food off counters and out of cupboards. Garbage. But there’s a growing list of things she’s eaten that either make me shake my head or worry for her safety. She’s (somehow) never gotten sick which is nothing short of a miracle.  Continue reading “Stomach of Steel: 8 Weird Things My Dog Has Eaten”

How to Give Your Dog a Foot Bath in 10 Simple Steps

Read the hilarious account of how I ended up giving my dog puppy pedicures!

Have you ever thought to yourself: “man, I’d really love to pamper my dog a little more, maybe I should start giving her spa treatments – I bet she’d love a good foot soak,” but just don’t know where to begin?

Well, look no further. Below, you’ll find the 10 simple steps that led to me becoming somewhat of an expert on the issue. Continue reading “How to Give Your Dog a Foot Bath in 10 Simple Steps”



I figured since she’s probably going to end up being the star of this blog I should properly introduce Juno to you all. For those who don’t know, she’s our 3 year old Great Dane. She’s full of energy and personality and is always keeping us on our toes. On a daily basis, she can make us laugh, cry, cringe, or scream – sometimes all of the above, simultaneously.

Below is a Q & A to help you get to know her better.

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