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Backpacking Solo – What’s Up with Hiking Alone?


Sitting around the backcountry campground’s communal cooking area, I struck up a conversation with three middle-aged men who were hiking together. We talked about hiking and travel, and compared notes about the wildlife we had seen on the trail. Continue reading “Backpacking Solo – What’s Up with Hiking Alone?”

Kananaskis Country Trip Report


I recently posted a photo essay of my 3-day backpacking trip in Alberta’s Kananaskis Country. But I wanted to do up a trip report with a few more details in case anyone is interested in more practical information about my time there.

In total, I spent four nights in Kananaskis Country. One night was spent car camping and the other three in the backcountry. Below, you’ll find information about where I stayed, the route I hiked, and how you can do this trip yourself!  Continue reading “Kananaskis Country Trip Report”

Kananaskis Country Backpacking: Photo Essay


I recently spent three days in Alberta’s Kananaskis Country on my first solo backpacking adventure. It was a pretty amazing experience. I’ll be writing more about the trip, what it was like to hike solo, and on more practical stuff (like what to pack) in the future. For now, you can see what my days were like through some of my favourite pictures…  Continue reading “Kananaskis Country Backpacking: Photo Essay”

And I Was Worried About the Grizzlies…


I carefully picked my way down the steep side trail and stepped over a mound of rotting driftwood. I stumbled down onto the rocky beach and dropped my pack. My feet and shoulders ached. After 3 days and 22 kilometers in the Alberta backcountry, I had about 4 km left until I would reach my car. I was tired. I could feel the blisters getting bigger by the second and I just wanted a good long rest.  Continue reading “And I Was Worried About the Grizzlies…”

The Conclusion – Day 5 on the Chilkoot Trail

From Bare Loon Lake to Bennett. Follow along on our fifth and final day on the Chilkoot Trail.

I plopped down on the bench outside the church, taking it all in. The air was fresh and cool, yet comfortable. Only the lightest breeze was blowing in off the lake. I knocked the sand off my boots. As a final, cruel joke Mother Nature decided to put a desert in the last stretches of the Chilkoot Trail, forcing hikers to slog through the loose terrain at a painfully slow pace. Continue reading “The Conclusion – Day 5 on the Chilkoot Trail”

Pulling Me Back In – Day 4 on the Chilkoot Trail

From Happy Camp to Bare Loon Lake. Follow along on Day 4 of our Chilkoot Trail hike.

Waking up in Happy Camp, the weather hadn’t changed much overnight. Fog continued to blanket the landscape and a cold wind drove a lighter, but still present, rain.  We were counting on this to improve once we got further along the Canadian side of the trail and were discussing our shared hope of better weather with another hiker when the park warden stepped out of her cabin and promptly crushed our dreams. Continue reading “Pulling Me Back In – Day 4 on the Chilkoot Trail”

Facing My Fears – Day 3 on the Chilkoot Trail

From Sheep Camp to Happy Camp. Follow along on the third day of our Chilkoot Trail hike.

Starting out, under cloudy skies and a light drizzle, the trail out of Sheep Camp quickly moved from thick forest to sparser alpine terrain. Despite the fog obstructing some of the views, we were constantly in awe of the towering mountain walls and rock-strewn valley. We carefully picked our way across stream crossings, hopping from rock to rock to avoid getting our boots and socks wet. Continue reading “Facing My Fears – Day 3 on the Chilkoot Trail”